2010 Dishcloth Calendar

I am very excited to announce that the newest Dishcloth Calendar has been released for sale today!!

Every year for the last several years, Janet Nogle has gathered together patterns from dishcloth designers and has put together a wonderful calendar devoted mostly to dishcloths, and including other patterns for the home.

I was very pleased to contribute a pattern to this year\’s calendar.  The pattern is called Diamond Panels Dishcloth and it is a bit different than anything else that I have designed before.  Here is a photo of it:


As you can see, I did not take this photo!  Anyone who knows my work, knows that I just slap the cloths on the scanner.  Janet is a complete wonder when it comes to photographing dishcloths and she did a fabulous job making my cloth look very fancy indeed!

This cloth is a little lacy, but simple.  It just has k2tog, SSK, and yo for the lace stitches.  So long as you are careful with your counting, you\’ll be able to do it.  It also has a simple crochet border.

The 2010 Dishcloth Calendar is called Gifts from the Heart…Back to Basics.  It is available for purchase from this site:  www.dishclothcalendar.com.  You can purchase a digital copy to download for $16, or a printed copy to be mailed to you for $18 plus $5 shipping.

The calendar has an incredible number of patterns this year.  Many of the patterns are contained in sets, which will be perfect for gift giving. The Dishcloth Calendar this year also contains many patterns for the home besides dishcloths. There are sets with placemats and potholders, soap sacks, baby bibs and even a doggie/kitty bed!  So, head on over to www.dishclothcalendar.com and check it out!

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