A cookie pattern

Challenge Day 7

I made it through the week!  And I\’ve been knitting all afternoon so I\’m pretty sure I\’ll have no problem making it through this next week as well.

Today\’s pattern I\’ve been sitting on for almost a year, believe it or not.  Last year when I designed the Gingerbread Man, I got so much great feedback about it and several people asked for a Gingerbread Girl to go with him.  It was very easy to modify the pattern to make a matching girl.  With the holidays, I had forgotten that I had actually knit the pattern up, and all Spring I kept thinking, \”I really have to knit that pattern so I can put it up on the site.\”  Then sometime during the summer I was going through my dishcloth picture file and I found a picture of it!  I didn\’t even know where the actual cloth was, because I have piles and piles of dishcloths all over the place.  After some rummaging around I found it, made a better scan of it, and then decided to hold on to it until it got a little closer to the holidays.

So, finally, after a year of waiting, here is the Gingerbread Girl.


The pattern is available for purchase for $1.49 from the New page.

If you are planning on getting in on the drawing for all of this week\’s patterns, you still have time to get your comments in.  I will close out the comments for all of this week\’s posts tomorrow morning sometime.  Actually it will probably not be until tomorrow afternoon, so you\’ll have a little extra time.  Then I\’ll draw out the lucky name and announce the winner for the first week of the Challenge.

I\’ll be pressing on for a second week, so cheerleaders…get ready!!  We start all over again tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “A cookie pattern”

  1. This pattern is really cute. You are awesome and so talented. Keep up the great work. I am cheering you on. Anita N

  2. The gingerbread girl is so cute, lots of cheers for Emily for making it through the first week of patterns. Great job and great patterns.


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