I’ve finally gotten around to photographing the pile of dishcloths sitting on my desk. This represents all of my knitting so far this new year.

This first cloth is the Mid-December KAL Dishcloth. I got started on it at the very end of the month and it took just a couple of days to knit up. It’s called Snowy Drops.

This is the Dishcloth with Eyelets pattern that is on the back of the band from Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn.

This is the July Mid-Month KAL. I was poking around for something different to knit and decided to try this one. I missed it during the summer since I was busy knitting things for the baby.

Next, I finally caught up and finished the January KAL. This is supposed to be a snowflake. It’s a little hard to see because of the white cloth, but I played around with the lighting to get it the best I possibly could.

And lastly, this is one of my own designs. I was in the mood to start some cloths with a February motif. Not bad for my first attempt at designing! I’m pretty pleased with myself at how it came out.

I’m currently designing another dishcloth with a heart on it, but I’m knitting it on the diagonal, similar to a Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth. After that, I think I’ll try something different for February; maybe a Groundhog, or a profile of Lincoln, or something like that.