Almost done with Week 1!

Challenge Day 6

I\’ve managed to make it through 6 days of my challenge and I definitely can make it through a few more. My pile of patterns is dwindling down, but if I knit like crazy this weekend, I can get it back up again.  I have a whole bunch of typed up patterns that I just need to get busy on and knit!

The pattern that I added today is another one that I don\’t think I\’ve seen anywhere before.  It\’s a Kiwi.  Not the fruit, but the bird.  I saw a similar image one day while browsing through Google for ideas and I thought it would make a great cloth.  Here\’s a picture:


This pattern is available for purchase on the New page for $1.49.

I haven\’t decided yet which pattern I\’ll be adding tomorrow.  It will either be one (of two) for Back-to-School, one for Thanksgiving, or one for Christmas.  Maybe I\’ll do the Christmas one so that way there will be a nice assortment for the first week\’s winner in the drawing for the patterns.

Speaking of the drawing for the first week, don\’t forget to add your comment today!  Remember, you can comment once per day to increase your chances for the drawing at the end of the week.  Tomorrow is Day 7.  I will keep the comments open until I get up on Monday and close them all down for the whole week.  Then I\’ll print off all the comments for the entire week, cut them apart, fold them up and put them in some container.  I\’ll have one of my boys draw out the lucky winner and I\’ll post the result here in the blog on Monday and email the patterns off to you.  I will save all those comment slips for the drawing at the end of the challenge.  I would use some sort of random number generator except for the fact that I\’m going to have the drawing at the end and that will just be too difficult counting up throughout all the weeks.  I think this will work just as well.  I will even post pictures of the whole process to keep it honest.

Thanks again to all my cheerleaders.  I\’m defintely motivated to keep knitting for you!

8 thoughts on “Almost done with Week 1!”

  1. Hi, Emily,
    The Kiwi is cute little bird
    I like the color too
    what a wonderful site here.
    three cheers for you
    pat e

  2. Very cute Emily 🙂 You have done great on the first week of your challenge to yourself 🙂 Hope you can hear me cheering you on all the way from Canada.

  3. YEAH!!! Emily, come on one more day and you will have made it for a week. Keep up the good work 🙂 Cheryl

  4. great job – don’t think that I have seen this patten before – you are really on a roll – just one more day and you have made it.

    keep up the great job – mary ann

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