An apple from a teacher

Challenge Day 10

Today\’s new cloth is an apple.  It\’s not something unique.  Most designers out there have some type of apple design, and I\’ve had this one planned since last year (last fall was a bad time for designing for me…..lots of cloths started and none finished).  Since I\’m a teacher I figured it\’s my turn to give an apple instead of receive an apple.  Believe it or not, I\’ve gotten my share of apples over the years.  Kids still do give apples to the teacher.

Here\’s the picture of the cloth:


This pattern is available for purchase for $1.49 and can be found on the \”New\” page of the main part of the Designs by Emily website.

Today is a slow knitting day.  I have one of my boys home sick and I\’m not feeling so hot myself.  Of course the two year old is feeling fine and running circles around us both.  At least I\’m several days ahead of things and if I don\’t get much done today it won\’t be too bad.  Thanks again to all my cheerleaders!!

6 thoughts on “An apple from a teacher”

  1. Once again! My daughter is studying to become a high school social studies teacher. I am so going to purchase this one to make for her as a reminder of my faith in her dream!
    I love it!


  2. Nicole Cunningham

    This brings back lots of memories! Fall is my favorite time of year and I love apples! I’m definitely going to make some of these for my kitchen.


  3. I love the color and you are doing great so far with your challenge. Looking forward to the next design.


  4. very nice apple just like a granny smith apple
    they make the best pies
    the color is just right
    i hope you and your son is feeling better take care of yourself too
    pat e

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