And we\’re off!

Today is the first official day of my challenge to myself, to get out of my designing and knitting slump.  I will say that I\’ve been busier the last week with my knitting than I have been the last several months.  So, I think that in that regard, the challenge is already a success!

I\’ve added my first new pattern to the New page of the website.  It is a little brown bat, just right for Halloween and a perfect companion to the Spider dishcloth (found on the Free page).  Here is a picture of it:


Clicking on the picture above, will NOT get you the pattern for this cloth.  The pattern is available for purchase on the New page.  I think there has been some confusion about when I post pictures of dishcloths on the blog portion of the website.  They are just pictures and not links to the files.

Comments will be turned on for this post and all posts that I make this week, if you would like to cheer me on during my Challenge.  I will turn off the comments on all other posts on the blog, so I can keep track of all the new ones.  If you have never commented before on my site, you will have to have your comment approved the first time, but after that you will not.  Don\’t panic if you don\’t see your comment appear right away, I generally check my email several times throughout the day and can get them approved pretty quickly.

Take care and I\’ll post on my progress again tomorrow!

9 thoughts on “And we\’re off!”

  1. I’m a big fan of bats, they’re cool wee beasties~! I looked for the spider washcloth also in your entire list, couldn’t see it?

    Looking forward to the rush of patterns!

  2. Oh good! Glad you found it….I’ll edit the post to let everyone know where it is. I’m not going to be updating the entire website each time I add a pattern because I could get really bogged down with website maintanence instead of knitting. After the challenge is over, I’ll update the complete list and add all the new patterns to the various pages (animals, etc.).

  3. hi EMily
    this bat surely can be part of Halloween family
    nice picture of it
    keep it up you can do it we all no you can meet your goal

  4. YEAH Emily!!! You are off to a great start, now keep it up. We are here cheering you on and we know you can do it.

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