Barn Dishcloth

I hope everyone enjoyed last week\’s KAL.  Here is a picture of the finished cloth:


The complete pattern is available for download on the Free page.

There was such a good response to this KAL I\’ve decided to try this on a monthly basis.  Of course that means that I\’ve really got to plan ahead and make sure I\’ve got the free patterns ready to go ahead of time!! LOL!

I do have one ready for July, I just need to test knit it.  I\’ll get busy and start it right away, and we can start another KAL in a couple of days.  Then that will get us on a good cycle of having KAL\’s towards the end of the month and releasing the monthly pattern prior to the start of the month.

I\’ve started a Yahoo Group just for the KAL for those that would like to have the pattern lines delivered to their email boxes.  Here\’s the link: .  One thing I cannot guarentee though is early morning emails.  I have 3 boys and things can get crazy around here.  With the blog, I can schedule all the posts for the week at once and then the computer doesn\’t even have to be on and they get posted.  That\’s what I did last time and just picked a 7:00 am post time.  If you all would like an earlier post time so you can get the lines before you head to work, just let me know and I\’ll set it earlier.

So, I guess that means get ready for another KAL!!  Here are the details:

Start: July 2nd
Yarn: 100% Cotton for Dishcloths (like Peaches \’n Cream or Sugar \’n Creme)
Needles: Size 7 US
Theme Hint: USA Independence Day
Color: Red, Blue, Gold

I hope we all have fun again! 🙂

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