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Easter Dishcloth Patterns

Easter will be here before we know it. If you are looking for Easter Dishcloth Patterns, you’ve come to the right place! First, I have a free Easter Dishcloth Pattern: an Easter Egg with Stripes. You can download it here. It matches very well with the Easter Egg with Rick Rack pattern¬†pictured further down below. …

General Ramblings

Spring Dishcloth Patterns

Spring is coming. We can feel it in the air. To celebrate the coming of the new season I thought I’d highlight some of the Spring dishcloth patterns I have on the site. I have many free patterns available on my Free Patterns page. Here are some of the ones that I think best capture …

General Ramblings

Gauge and needle size in dishcloths

I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning, drinking coffee and knitting (!). I know can you believe it, actually knitting a dishcloth. I’ll show you a picture in just a bit. Anyway, as I was knitting this new dishcloth I was watching the design pop up so nicely and I started thinking about …

General Ramblings

What’s on the needles?

On the needles…. I know that I’ve been fairly quiet lately. I started a new full time job after Thanksgiving and that’s been a bit of an adjustment. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been teaching full time (over 9 years actually!) but I love my new job and I’m settling in. I’ve started …

Free General Ramblings

Eight new patterns plus a free one!

I promised you new patterns on June 1st and I just managed to get them all added before the end of the day here. I’ve added eight new patterns into the store and one onto the free page. I’ll let you know about the Free Pattern of the Month first, since I’m sure that’s the …

Free General Ramblings

Surprise coming along on June 1st

I’ve been knitting like crazy for the last several days. I’ve knit 10 new cloths in about 4 days. My fingers are tired! But I know that you are going to love the new designs! And I have a great surprise for you. One of the new cloths will be added as the Free Pattern …


New Patterns – Finally!

I know that I’ve been promising new patterns for quite a while, but I finally have a small handful to add to the site. When I first started designing dishcloths, my youngest son was an infant and I had all the time in the world to knit while my older two boys were in school. …

General Ramblings

Test Knitting Craziness

The last several days have begun the test knitting craziness. I started my test knitters on whipping up the first batch of dishcloths. And as usual, there are already mistakes to fix and designs to correct. But I think by early next week I’ll have a nice new set of Musical themed dishcloths to add …

General Ramblings

Lots of new patterns coming soon

Today is a typing day! I’ve been super busy designing lots of new patterns. There will be a handful of music-themed patterns, a few more animals, and a couple of party patterns just to name some. But when you do this much designing, eventually you have to type them up. So today I have to …

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News this week

The newly designed site has been up and running for a week now and I have to say that I’m so pleased with how things are working out. The new shopping cart is working well and I haven’t had any complaints yet! I’ve been hard at work designing a big pile of new patterns. I …

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