Button Dishcloth

Yesterday there was some discussion on the Dishcloth KAL group about making a button cloth and the difficulty with charting circles. I decided to give it a go and have made the Button Dishcloth.

I haven\’t knitted it up yet, but I have the pattern all typed up and available for free. If anyone knits it and can send me a picture of it, I\’ll post it to my site and give you knitting credit. If not, I\’ll get around to knitting it eventually! LOL

Since this hasn\’t been tested at all yet, it is possible there might be a mistake in it (although not likely because I triple-checked it).

**EDIT: It\’s been tested and I have a picture of it now!

Clicking here will get you the pdf of the pattern, free for the taking:

[download id=\”19\”]

Hope you enjoy the pattern! Now I have to finish typing up that darn Ladybug pattern I\’ve been working on and struggling quite a bit with to get it looking just right.

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