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General Ramblings

Wrapping? Who me?

I should be wrapping the zillions of Christmas gifts I have scattered all over the house (mainly my closet). But instead I’m goofing on the computer and knitting a row or two on my mom’s scarf. I will never finish in time!! But in the process of goofing around I found a near future knitting …

General Ramblings

Blissful Sigh.

School is done for a week and a half. Now I just have to gear up for the craziness of the next few days to survive Christmas. Just counting down the days until Sunday when I can truly start to relax. Knitting like crazy to try to finish a scarf for my mom for Christmas. …

General Ramblings

On and Off the Needles

I’ve been a knitting fiend lately. I finished my Incredible Poncho last weekend. So many compliments on it when I wore it last Monday. This past week was scarf week. I knit a scarf for myself out of Lionbrand’s Fancy Fur in Jungle Print. I knit a scarf for my sister, which I ripped out …

General Ramblings

First Day.

Today I decided to do something with this blog that I signed up for I don’t know how many months ago. I thought it might be a good way to keep track of all of the many knitting projects I’ve been working on and the few I’ve completed so far. That way I can also …

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