Closing in on the end of the third week

Challenge Day 19

Wow!  I really can\’t believe that I\’ve been at this for 19 days.  I know that some of you are probably wondering how long I intend to keep this up. I had always hoped to keep it going for 4 weeks.  I figured that would be a respectable length of time.  If I could last that long, then I thought I could bow out anytime after that.  Now I think that if I can go for 5 or even 6 weeks (ack! did I just type that?) that would be awesome.  If I can last 6 weeks, that will mean I\’ve added 42 new patterns to my site! Forty-two!  That would increase the number of patterns that I have by almost 50%.  We\’ll just see if I can make it that long.  This week was rough.  I don\’t know if I can last another three weeks if they are all going to be day-to-day like this week.

This is the pattern that I added today.  It\’s just a cute, whimsical cloth.  I had thought of the idea last year when the movie \’Sex and the City\’ was coming out.  And then I thought I would have it ready last month when the movie came out on DVD.  At least it\’s finally ready now.


It\’s just a cute strappy sandal.  Actually \’strappy sandal\’ probably would have been a better name than the cumbersome one that I came up with.  I\’m really bad at naming my patterns.  My pattern names are strictly functional.  I always think of the cute ones later on after I\’ve put them \’out there\’.  Oh well.  I suppose it makes it easier for people to find them.  This pattern is available for purchase for $1.49 and can be found on the \”New\” page.

I\’ve got to get back to my knitting now, so I don\’t fall behind!  Don\’t forget to leave your comments to get entered into the weekly drawing.  You can comment once on each daily post to be entered each day.  Commenting every day increases your chances of winning.  Thanks to all my cheerleaders who are keeping me going!  I love reading your comments and I don\’t want to fall behind because I feel like I would be letting you down.  Thanks!!

9 thoughts on “Closing in on the end of the third week”

  1. I Love it Emily!!! I have a friend who loves shoes! This will be a great gift for her.

    Big hugs,

  2. Hi Emily that is one sexy shoe – keep up the good job – you keep us on our toes and we help you meet your challenge. You sound excited with your plans for the next two weeks.

    Good luck, Mary Ann

  3. Wow, you have been doing so many beautiful designs, I can’t keep up with you. You should be very proud of all you are accomplishing.

  4. Hello Emily,

    Your work is awesome, jsut keeping those patterns coming our way. Have a great day.
    Thanks Chris

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