Coming along…

Designs by Emily is coming along. I decided to redesign the site from scratch. As A. pointed out, we do have a web design business so it’s pretty awful to put up a site using a free template. I was just being lazy and wanted it up fast.

So, I’ve got the design done and I just need A. to do the heavy duty programming (easy-peasy for him…tricky for me). Once he gets the page laid out for me, then I can customize each page and go live. It actually won’t take too long, since I just have to copy all the stuff over from the other design. I’m kind of a perfectionist so I didn’t want to get too much further into this venture until I had the site exactly the way I wanted it. I’ll unveil the new site by Monday I’m guessing.

Tonight though, I’m going to knit. I’ve been on the computer way too much lately.