Day 13

Challenge Day 13

Just a quick post tonight.  I\’ve had a migraine most of today and so I\’m not feeling so hot.

This is the pattern that I\’m really pleased with.  It\’s an acorn, but what is different about it is that I\’ve used both garter stitch and seed stitch in the design.  I think it looks really nice.  So nice in fact, that I\’m working on another pattern right now that has both stitches.

Here\’s a picture:


You can purchase this pattern for $1.49 from the \”New\” page.

Hopefully I\’ll be back to normal tomorrow because I haven\’t gotten much knitting done in the last couple of days and I\’m almost out of finished patterns.  I need to do some serious catching up tomorrow or this challenge will be running out soon!

8 thoughts on “Day 13”

  1. Hi, Emily
    hope you are feeling better
    lay down with a wet rag over your eyes in a dark room.
    i get migraines and it helps a little

    the pattern is very nice
    it fits the season here

    you are doing a good job
    pat e

  2. Hi EMILY,
    Sorry you are feeling poorly,hope your migraine goes away ,,
    I know how you feel . You are doing a grand job!!!!!!!
    hope you can keep it up..
    Have A Grand DAY
    Patricia V.

  3. I like this one! Sorry you’re feeling bad, hope it’s better soon
    I think your challenge SHOULD have room for a ‘sick day’!!

  4. sorry to hear about your migraine! I have them too and i know what you are going through! As for the cloth! Oh wowo i love the texture in this one!!! Very cool! Keep up the great work!

  5. I hope your migraine goes away and I just love what you did with the stitches to make the acorn. It is very cute.


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