Easing up a bit.

I finished my son\’s scarf this morning and not a moment too soon. It is frigid cold outside! He loves it and proclaimed it \”soft and fuzzy.\” But of course when I went to wrap it around his face he complained about having his mouth and nose covered up. That\’s a three year old for you.

The more I knit on his scarf the looser the tension got until it was pretty much back to my old tension. I also think I\’m knitting at a fairly good pace now with the continental method. I\’ll have to see what happens when I throw the purl stitch into the mix. I\’ve been thinking about that poncho mess. It really doesn\’t look very good and I should just rip the whole thing out again. Since it\’s more of a spring poncho anyway, I\’m thinking I\’m going to do the deed…rip it out and put it aside for a little while.

My next project will be some mittens and a hat (and maybe a scarf) for my 5 year old. Right before Christmas on a yarn run for my mom\’s scarf, he fell in love with this fleecy type yarn called Snowflake by Sirdar. He was cuddling it and holding it up to his cheek and saying how soft it was. I bought three skeins but I\’m thinking I\’ll have to go back for more. I have this idea that I want to make his mittens and hat with two strands held together. After working with Polarspun (which is very similar to this yarn), I saw how thin it knit up and I want to make something a little thicker and warmer. I\’m going to have to play with the guage and try to find a decent pattern to work from.

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