Eight new patterns plus a free one!

I promised you new patterns on June 1st and I just managed to get them all added before the end of the day here. I\’ve added eight new patterns into the store and one onto the free page.

I\’ll let you know about the Free Pattern of the Month first, since I\’m sure that\’s the one you\’re all interested in.

Here\’s a quick peek at it:

[download id=\”21\”]

This is a rather cute – I think – little snail. I thought that everyone might like him here at the beginning of the summer as you\’re getting ready to plant your gardens. We put our garden in this past weekend. Maybe knitting a snail will keep the little critters away from your garden! You can download this for Free by clicking on the picture above or by going to the Free page.

Here are some peeks at the other patterns that I added this evening. They are available to purchase for $1.49 each. You can find them all listed on the New Patterns category page.

\"\" Party Hat Dishcloth

\"\" Teapot Dishcloth

\"\" Ambulance Dishcloth

\"\" Dove #2 Dishcloth

\"\" Eighth Note Dishcloth

\"\" Sixteenth Note Dishcloth

\"\" Piano Keys #2 Dishcloth

\"\" Baritone or Tuba Dishcloth

I hope you enjoy these new patterns!

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