Getting ready…

Just a quick update to let you know that I\’m getting ready for the Challenge.  Only 2 days left!!  I\’ve been working really hard to get patterns ready and I have several ready to go.  But now it\’s going to become a race to see how far ahead of things I can stay. 

I really don\’t know if I can design, type, and knit a new pattern every single day (not to mention updating the website) so that\’s why I\’ve been trying to get several patterns ready so I\’ll have a buffer zone.  It\’s only going to be a matter of time before my buffer starts dwindling down, until I just can\’t keep up.  But until then, it\’s going to be fun to see how long I can keep it going.

I\’m also going to start shutting off the comments on all the old posts and other areas of the blog, so that way only the posts for the current week will be able to take comments.  It\’s starting to get a little crazy with people comment all over the place.  I love how everyone has been cheering me on to the start of this challenge and counting it down. 

I\’ll post again tomorrow to let you know how ready I am on the last day before I start!

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