Gingerbread House.

This year, I decided to finally attempt to make a Gingerbread House with the boys. How hard could it be? I figured that I would assemble the house part quickly and then the boys could get to the fun stuff. Little did I know that assembling the house was a multi-step, hours-long-drying-time process that greatly dampened any enthusiasm they may have originally had for the project. But we (meaning I) perservered and finally the boys got to stick candy all over the house. Of course decorating the thing with the icing and trying to make icicles hang \”just right\” off the edge of the roof is something I\’m not likely to repeat any time soon. I have a new appreciation for anyone who assembles these things on a yearly basis. Possibly a fun and rewarding activity if done on my own, but with small boys along for the ride it\’s just a definite big headache.

The house was on display throughout the Christmas season and a few days ago before I let them tear it apart I snapped a few pictures of the thing.


It was delicious too, if you like Gingerbread with a serious crunch.

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