I am the World\’s Slowest Knitter.

I officially deserve that title. I can\’t believe how slow I\’m going on Upbeat Top. It could be that I\’m only knitting a few rows each evening because my schedule has suddenly gotten very crazy and I don\’t have a lot of free time. I\’ve only gotten about 6 inches done. And I\’m past the \”hard\” part…the decreasing for the shaping. Now it\’s just mindless seed stitch for another several inches. See:


Or (and I prefer this reason) it could be those darn straight needles!! I can\’t knit on them. The ends keep hitting everything, I can\’t get comfortable, I have to hold my hands up too high…the list is endless.

\”Well, Emily, why don\’t you just get circulars,\” you ask ever so sweetly. Because the store has bamboo circulars in every size and length imaginable except size 7! So, I need to get off my lazy butt and order some from somewhere on the internet, but I haven\’t had the energy to actually pull up a website and do it. How\’s that for lazy?

Instead of lazy, maybe I prefer the term very relaxed, since I am really enjoying my week off from school. I\’ve been playing with the boys a lot outside, taking advantage of the beautiful weather, and actually doing a little housework. I have also started a new hobby (which is another reason I\’ve slowed a little on the knitting). I\’ve been making beaded stitch markers. I\’ll post pictures of some soon.

Off to play with the boys before they destroy the house. 🙂

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