I can't believe I'm going to say this…..

…but I\’m going to do the challenge.  I\’ve been thinking it over and I really need something to jump start my knitting.  And, gosh darn it, I\’m getting excited about it, ya betcha. (I\’ve been watching too many SNL parodies of Sarah Palin!)

So, I\’ve started typing like crazy.  Here\’s the tentative plan:

1.  I will begin the October KAL on this Saturday (that should give me enough time to test knit).  It will run for 6 days.  Give me a couple of days to stock up recover and fix up the website and then,

2. On Monday, October 20th I will begin Emily\’s Crazy Dishcloth Knitting Challenge.  The challenge being how many days in a row can I post a new dishcloth design to my website.  I will warn you right now though, most of the time my cloths run in themes.  This time they will not.  I have a massive pile of designs half charted out, half transcribed, not organized in any way.  I have a few sort of ready for fall and after that, it will be a strange free-for-all assortment of patterns.  I also have a long list of requests that I feel very, very guilty about ignoring that I will work on during this challenge, and so some of them may not make much sense to anyone except the person who requested it.

Now some of you may be thinking, \”Knit a dishcloth every day? Not too hard!\”  I agree.  That part isn\’t too hard.  It\’s the designing part, and the charting, and the counting of all the little squares, and then typing.  All while my two year old runs around.  And then my 7 and 9 year old boys come home from school and the real craziness begins!

The additional challenge will be, and I\’ve thought long and hard about this part, I will refrain from calling upon my test knitters for as long as possible!  Most of you know that I have a nice group of test knitters who help me out.  Since this is meant to challenge me, I thought it would only be fair that I don\’t immediately farm out all my new patterns to be test knit by them.  But I\’m not promising that it won\’t happen the further we get into the challenge!  Remember, the longer I go with the challenge, the more weekly drawings there will be for free patterns!  So, no one should be complaining too much.  I hope.

I may go down in flames spectacularily.  Or I may be able to hang in there for a few weeks, and have a few winners get some new patterns.

I\’ve had a couple of nice comments already about the challenge.  Jana asked about KAL.  It means Knit-a-Long.  Everyone knits the same pattern at the same time.  For my KALs they are surprises.  I post a few rows of the pattern each day, and the design emerges over several days.  And Amanda mentioned a notify list so readers will know when I\’ve updated the blog.  I will definitely look into that!  Especially if WordPress has an easy plugin for it. 

Ok, back to typing up the free patterns that I\’m lagging behind on!

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