I didn’t forget…just running late today…

Challenge Day 15

Today’s pattern is a different one for me.  I’ve had this one planned out since I first began designing dishcloths, but I was never able to get it to look right.  I spent a while tweaking it, and now I really like the way it looks.

Here’s a picture:

Warm Wooly Mittens Dishcloth

It’s a pair of mittens, but the design is done entirely in seed stitch.  When I was in the middle of knitting it, I wasn’t sure the design was going to show up very well, but once it was finished, I was very pleased with how it came out.  I think that the mittens show up nicely and the seed stitch gives it a texture that makes them look like fluffy mittens.  If you are interested in purchasing this pattern, it can be found on the “New” page for $1.49.

Moving on to weekly drawing news…..I’m working on it!  It’s getting near my bedtime here and I’m going to work as quickly as I can to print off all the comments and draw out a winner.  I won’t have time to post a nice photo essay like I did last week, but I hope you all will forgive me for that.  It’s been a really crazy few days here.  And on top of all that, I don’t have any patterns left to post for tomorrow!!!  I’m going to have a little problem if I don’t get something knit, blocked and scanned in the early part of the day!  Now it becomes a real challenge.

As soon as I have a winner picked out for the second week’s patterns, I will post again.

6 thoughts on “I didn’t forget…just running late today…”

  1. Nice job and in time with the winter coming. Keep up the good work – always a treat to see what you come up with. Very talented.

    mary ann

  2. I’m glad I forgot about your contest. Honestly. Because now i have so many cloths to scroll thorugh and enjoy. Nicely done Mrs. Talented!!!!! These mittens are a real treat to make me smile tonight.

    good luck with the big speed bump!

    Gotta love life’s curveballs!!!

  3. very cool! I could see making this one in burgundy for my kitchen!! To me even though they are mittens they look like oven mitts! I love red oven mitts! I love red anything in my kitchen, but that is besides the point…lol…Keep up the good work!!

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