I heart my hubby!

I am going to proclaim to the world how much I love my hubby! Of course I don\’t think he reads my blog, so it might be wasted, but I don\’t care.

I have the darlingest hubby in the world. I am in a major funk. And he is still so sweet. I have had some things going on at school that has sent me into a bit of a downward spiral since last week. Today I am very, very down. It is reminiscent of two years ago when I finally had to admit defeat and see a doctor about it.

I can\’t go into any details, but there is a child at school who is having troubles at home and he is confiding in me. We are calling DCF every day and reporting, but nothing much is being done. It\’s very frustrating and depressing. I teach Kindergarten, and my older son is in Kindergarten (not the same school), and it\’s so hard for me to imagine what this child is going through when I look at my son.

So I am a barely functional human being lately, and my wonderful hubby doesn\’t care about all the stuff that is undone. He just wants me to feel better. That alone makes me cry because when you feel like this you think no one will understand, and here he does understand. I\’m crying again while I type this….

*Ok* Back under control again.

In other news… I have stitch markers. I have a box. I just need to wrap it prettily and send it off to my secret pal. I\’ll keep it a secret for a little while longer until they\’re actually in the mail. I actually went stitch marker crazy and have several sets made. I just need to pick which one I think she\’ll like….which is hard since I\’ve never read her blog until getting matched up with her! Decisions, decisions.

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