I may have gone a tiny bit crazy…

So I went shopping this morning.

At A.C. Moore.

This is a very dangerous thing for me to do. At one point (a few years back) my hubby actually banned me from going suggested I stop going to A.C. Moore for a while. He also joked that I should get a part time job there to pay for my addiction my shopping excursions.

But, I digress.

Here is the result of today\’s trip to my favorite store:


Twenty(!) balls of Sugar \’n Cream yarn. It was on sale. There were lots of pretty colors to pick from. My stash was getting dangerously low of cotton yarn. I have lots of excuses and could probably come up with several more.

The only thing that stopped me was my five-year old son began lying on the floor saying, \”I\’m bored!\” Since that is highly embarrassing, I had to head to the check-out.

I should probably take him on all my yarn shopping trips.

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