I'm Baaaccckkk!!

Well, my blogging hiatus is finally over.

Here\’s the story of what happened. It\’s really quite simple.

First, summer happened. I don\’t knit in summer. Although I did force myself to knit some cute baby sweaters this summer.

Second, our digital camera broke sometime during the summer. Sadly, any knitting I have been doing I haven\’t been able to take pictures of.

Third, I *have* been knitting since the start of school, but since no camera, no motivation to blog.

And now……our new camera will be here tonight!!! A. is picking it up after work. We tried to get it a few days ago, but it had to be ordered. We\’re getting a Canon EOS Rebel XT. Here\’s a picture of the turbo-charged baby. I\’m very psyched! I have a film Canon EOS that was a High School graduation present quite a few years ago which I love, so I\’m thinking that I\’m going to just absolutely love the digital version.

On the knitting front:

I\’ve finished several projects. I finally finished the Split-Collar Poncho. I wear it quite a bit and it\’s great! I made a pair of socks and a scarf. Then I stopped knitting for a few weeks and was beading for a while.

I\’m currently working on these Broad Street Mittens. I\’m having to do quite a bit of alteration to the pattern because of my gauge and because I\’m using Magic Stripes Sock Yarn from LionBrand and I want the stripes to look nice. I also am trying to tailor the gloves so that they will fit my hands perfectly. I have very broad palms and short fingers and I\’ve been adding rows after the thumb gusset and the pinky (I guess my thumbs and pinkys are lower down on my palm than other peoples) to help with the fit. It\’s a challenge but I\’m quite pleased with how the first glove is coming out.

So that\’s it for today. After I get my new camera up and running I\’ll take a picture of the Broad Street Mittens in progress.

And a big shout out to my sister who told me at Thanksgiving that she had stumbled across my blog. Hey Kath!

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