iPod finally!

I can finally listen to my iPod. A. was a sweetie and bought me a pink mini for Christmas. I\’ve been obsessing over the iPods since last Christmas. I\’ve freely admitted that I didn\’t know why I wanted one, or what I\’d use it for. But I really, really wanted one.

So a cute little pink mini found it\’s way under the Christmas tree. And I promptly found myself in earbud hell.

The left earbud sort of stays in. The right earbud falls out if I breathe. After much internet searching for tips and hints, I tried looping the wire behind my ear and that helps some, but the right earbud falls out every 10 minutes or so.

Thus began my search for inexpensive, good headphones/earphones. Everyone seems to recommend the Sony Fontopias. However, after thinking about it, I decided the noise cancelling feature really wasn\’t for me. After all, I would mostly be wearing them around the house and I probably should be able to hear what the boys are up to.

Then I began thinking about clip on types. After reading many reviews on a bunch of different sites I decided on two different kinds. Each only cost about $10 so I figured I could afford them both and hope that one will work.

One arrived via UPS yesterday. (The other was supposed to be shipped with it but is apparently lost in space somewhere, prompting a semi nasty, questioning email to the company.)

The ones that arrived are the Panasonic RP-SH41 Clip-On Earphones.

They don\’t match the iPod but that\’s OK! They stay on my ears! They are comfortable! They have decent sound! I do have to turn the volume up higher than I did with the earbuds, but I really don\’t notice any difference in sound quality. I should also note that I\’m really not an \”audiophile\” and am not extremely picky. So long as it sounds decent, I\’m satisfied.

The other pair that I\’ve ordered will match my iPod, but are a different style. They are the Sony MDR-J10 Clip-On Earphones in Pink. Here\’s a link to see what they look like. I hope those arrive soon too. I think they\’re cute in pink!

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