It's April Fool's Day!

Happy April 1st! I have no knitting news to report. No foolin\’. I just sat on the couch and vegged out last night, eating Easter chocolate. Bad, bad, bad for my spring diet!

This is not exactly one of my favorite days of the year. I look forward to it with a little bit of benign amusement and a little bit of resignation. As a teacher…especially a teacher of 5 and 6 year olds…April Fool\’s Day can get mighty tedious after a while. The kids think they are so cute trying to fool the teacher (\”Look! There\’s a bug on your head!\”) And while they are awfully adorable…it gets really old– really fast– pretending to be surprised. Over, and over, and over….

It is also Pajama Day at school. This was supposed to happen last week, but some snow interfered. So the team decided to reschedule for today. Nothing like piling it all onto one day to really hype the kids up! Should make for a fun and interesting day. At least I will be comfortable! And who else can get away with wearing their p.j.s to work?

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