June KAL

Just for fun, I thought I\’d do June\’s free pattern of the month as a KAL.  After we\’re finished, I\’ll put the entire pattern up on the website.  Here are the details:

Start: Monday, June 23
Needles: Size 7
Yarn: 100% Cotton for Dishcloths (like Sugar \’n Cream or Peaches \’n Creme)
Color: Red would be good, or any solid color you like
Details:  I\’ll post 9-10 lines here on my blog per day until the KAL is done
Theme Hint: On the Farm

You don\’t need to sign up to participate or even let me know that you\’re Knitting along.  But if you\’re having fun, or would like to \”chat\” with someone, leave a comment.

If this ends up being something people would like to do monthly, then I can think about starting a separate yahoogroup for it. 

Have fun!

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