Knitting Funk.

I\’m in a knitting funk. I don\’t feel like knitting anymore. Well, more like it…I don\’t feel like knitting on that poncho anymore. Or any of my other current projects. I haven\’t knit in a week.


Spring has sprung and I want to knit something springy. I\’m seriously considering abandoning all my current projects and starting something new. Something colorful. Something lightweight. Something I can wear relatively soon.

Maybe it\’s time to work on that Textured Wrap Sweater. But…that\’s got long sleeves and by the time I actually finish it, it will be summer. However, in the current issue of Creative Knitting magazine that arrived a week or two ago, there happens to be a cute little springy sweater that uses the exact yarn I bought, in the exact color!! And…here\’s the kicker…it calls for the size needles that I ended up with the best swatch for when I was trying (and failing) to swatch for the other sweater. It\’s fate. I think I just talked myself into making this sweater. Of course I have about twice the amount of yarn I need, and I\’ll need to get the yarn for the sleeves…but it\’s something that I actually want to knit.

Here\’s the sweater:

It\’s called \”Upbeat Top\”. It is very aptly named because I am definitely more upbeat now just thinking about it.

The more I type about this, the more excited I get. Begone, fall poncho! Hello, spring sweater! And it\’s an excuse to buy more needles because I don\’t have long enough bamboo circulars in size 7. Yippee!

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