Knot knitting….

OK.  So that title needs some work.

I\’ve not been knitting.  I\’ve been thinking about knitting, but it just hasn\’t happened in a while.  I\’ve been trying to knit a chemo cap for my neighbor for over a month. It shouldn\’t take six weeks to finish a cap.  It shouldn\’t take 6 days to finish a cap.  Especially now that I\’m not working, and considering that I started it in the summer!  But I\’ve been a bit preoccupied.

In an effort to forget about all my kid troubles (that I won\’t elaborate on here), I\’ve been thinking over the non-knitting situation.  And the non-designing situation.  And the non-KAL situation.  I also realized that I did a perfectly nice free pattern for August and never added to the website.  Shame on me.  I\’ll have to get right on that.

I have a pattern all planned out that I was going to do for the September free pattern and KAL.  But since September is almost done, I\’m just going to test knit it quickly and throw it up on the site.  And since it coincidentally is a schoolhouse, which is the same thing that the Monthly Dishcloth Group did for their September KAL, I\’ll bet you\’re glad I never got around to mine.  The design is different, but really, who needs two schoolhouses?

While I\’m test knitting that pattern, I\’ll quickly test knit the patterns I have planned for October and November.  By the way, I\’ve had these three patterns done since last year!  I just never got around to typing them up and knitting them.  Last year was one heck of a year at school and by the time it calmed down it was spring, and I wasn\’t in the mood for fall patterns by then.

The other idea I have floating around in my head is one completely crazy one and I\’m not sure if I should even mention it, so I don\’t think I will.  But if by some miracle there is anyone who actually checks on this blog from time to time and asks me about it, then I will mention it and see what kind of reaction I get.  Leave me a comment if you want to hear about my new crazy scheme.  And maybe I\’ll post about it.  Or maybe I won\’t because I just might come to my senses.

3 thoughts on “Knot knitting….”

  1. hi, glad to hear from you
    thanks for all the patterns
    put the other school house on
    there is so many different school houses in the real world
    take care

  2. I would love to know what you are thinking about that you feel is too crazy to work! Nothing is ‘too crazy’ to try. It might become something really fun to do. Just my thoughts.

  3. You sound like I have sounded this past year. Hang in there this too shall pass. Sometimes just getting through the day is enough. I love your patterns and am interested in your crazy thoughts. Take care, Lynne

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