Ladybug Dishcloth

I am so far behind in my dishcloths. I\’m really beginning to think that I won\’t get them done.

I have finally gotten a Ladybug Dishcloth ready for Designs by Emily.

[download id=\”5\”]

I\’m offering this pattern for Free for the month of May. Click on the picture to get the file.

I have many other dishcloths designed for May, including four for Cinco de Mayo, one for Mother\’s Day and one for Memorial Day. I\’m thinking I\’m going to have to ask for help from some test knitters or I\’ll never get them up on the site. I\’ve just not been able to knit quite as much lately, with all the craziness with the boys\’ schedules and that my neck has been hurting me so much.

I also have to admit defeat on trying to design two more dog patterns. I simply cannot make a Boston Terrier and a Cairn Terrier. I have charted each one out at least three times, and I\’ve even knit the pattern for the Boston Terrier, but it just doesn\’t look distinctive enough. It looks like a regular dog with nothing that stands out and says \’Boston Terrier\’. So, if you are the kind person who requested these patterns and you\’re reading this, you\’ll be getting a very apologetic email shortly.

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