Last night of sanity

Actually I think I lost my sanity about two weeks ago or so when I first thought this thing up.  We\’ll find out tomorrow, when I start this challenge.  Although I\’m going to breeze through the first five days because that\’s how many patterns I have all set.  Plus a sixth cloth is about halfway test knit.  I also have about 7 other patterns typed up that just need to be knit, and another 10 that need to be both typed and knit.  So all in all, I\’m not in too bad of shape.  But I still have real life to contend with as well.  And my two year old has been in rare form the past week, so we will just see!

I\’ll be working tomorrow to update the main part of the website to add the first pattern.  I haven\’t even decided which one I\’m going to put up first, so I can\’t even give a hint!  What fun!

Don\’t forget…cheerleading officially begins tomorrow.  Anyone who comments on any post that I make in the next 7 days will be entered into the first week\’s drawing for free patterns, and then it resets for the second week and we start all over.

1 thought on “Last night of sanity”

  1. Go Emily I know you can do it. It’s the 20th here btu tou must be sleeping to get your strength up, lol. I’ll stop back later to comment on the 20th post.

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