Lots of new patterns coming soon

Today is a typing day!

I\’ve been super busy designing lots of new patterns. There will be a handful of music-themed patterns, a few more animals, and a couple of party patterns just to name some.

But when you do this much designing, eventually you have to type them up. So today I have to type up EIGHTEEN patterns!! Yes, that\’s right. Eighteen new patterns are coming. I should add a little side note — I\’ll have all of them provided they all look good once they are knitted up. You never know exactly how they are going to look until they have been knit.

This next week will be a knitting week!

1 thought on “Lots of new patterns coming soon”

  1. Aileen Steigerwalt

    Dear Emily,I just heard about your website. Boy do I love it. There is so much more patterns than the other website I went to early. .I have made three afghans with the patterns from knitting knonsense.I have so many people saying how they liked them. But wait till they see the ones using your patterns. I intend to enter some of my afghans in the country fair in August. Here’s hoping I get a few ribbons from them.I will be ordering most of the patterns in the near future. I hope in the near future you can get the ABC’s and Numbers up and running. Once again thank you

    Aileen Steigerwalt

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