My Crazy Idea

Ok, so here is my crazy idea.  I\’ve been thinking about it some more over the last several days and trying to work out some of the details.  I still don\’t have it completely planned out, but here is a rough idea of what I\’ve been thinking about.

I really need to get my butt in gear and design some more patterns.  I thought the best way to do that is to come up with some sort of challenge for myself.  But the problem being, if I don\’t tell anyone about it, then it\’s not really a challenge and I can completely ignore it and I\’m right back where I started.

That led to Emily\’s Crazy Dishcloth Challenge, or something like that.  I\’ll work on the name.  The challenge will be something like this:

I will try to see how many days in a row I can add a new pattern to my website.  The basic rule being that I need to add one pattern to the website sometime within a day.  So if I have two patterns to add and I put one up before midnight and one after midnight, then I\’m counting it.  It\’s my challenge, so I can make up the crazy rules.  I may even break them slightly, so long as I can keep up the general average of one per day. I will post semi-daily updates here on the blog.

Now here\’s where my dishcloth fans come in.  Ok, so maybe I don\’t have fans, but I will need cheerleaders.  Every seven days, anyone who has posted a nice little encouraging comment on the blog, will get their name thrown into a hat.  I will draw out a winning name and that person will win all of the patterns for that week for free.  And then the contest resets for the next seven days.  And I keep going until I run out of steam, until life gets too busy, or until I run out of planned ideas (which I have close to 100 right now so I don\’t think that\’s going to be the problem!).  I\’m still trying to think of something to do at the end of the whole thing.  Maybe a special pattern for all my cheerleaders.

What do you think?  I won\’t start right away.  I still have to get the September Free pattern up, and I want to run a KAL for the October pattern.  I\’m thinking that after that KAL finishes, then I can start the challenge.  Besides, that will give me a little time to try to get a few patterns stockpiled. LOL

So if you don\’t think it\’s too crazy, watch this space for the start of the challenge and get ready to be a cheerleader for me.  A quick note will get your name in and you can win some patterns.  I\’ll let you know when it starts.

5 thoughts on “My Crazy Idea”

  1. I think it’s a cool idea! I have one small suggestion though. Have you considered a notify list? I’d sign up for it, and I bet other readers would too. There’s also a wordpress plugin out there that people can sign up for, and it sends out automatic notes when a post is made, makes it easy on you and the readers.

    Is it a worry to know that I have more than enough cotton to cover your 100 ideas of cloths?

  2. Amanda, I probably have enough cotton as well! I should take a photo of all my balls of cotton before I begin. It will be interesting to see how far I get though my pile.

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