My New Blog!


After many, many weeks of work, I\’ve finally gotten my website, Designs by Emily, updated with a brand new look.  And I\’ve finally gotten my blog started up to be a part of the site as well.  My old blogspot knitting blog, a little bit of knitting, will no longer be updated and, I hope, very soon all the content will be transferred over here.  Then I will be able to delete the old one.

Now that all the website work has been finished, I am anxious to get back to knitting and designing.  I\’ll be charting my progress here and providing updates and sneak peeks at new designs.

If you have any requests for a particular design, drop me an email at .   I\’ll be happy to give it a try.

Take care and happy knitting!

1 thought on “My New Blog!”

  1. Dearest Emily
    Thank you so much for your beautiful work, keep it up. Have a great day.

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