New Patterns – Finally!

I know that I\’ve been promising new patterns for quite a while, but I finally have a small handful to add to the site.

When I first started designing dishcloths, my youngest son was an infant and I had all the time in the world to knit while my older two boys were in school. Now that my youngest son is 3 1/2, designing and knitting time is rare. So I may be a lot slower than I used to be at adding patterns to the site and they may come in smaller bunches, but I\’m trying to get more patterns out there for you.

As I mentioned, I\’ve been working on a musical theme. I\’ve got four patterns ready right now and have about five more that are still being worked on. Here are some pictures of the four patterns that have just been added to the site:

\"\"Double Eighth Note Dishcloth

\"\" Trumpet Dishcloth

\"\" Piano Keys Dishcloth

\"\" Treble Clef Dishcloth

Each of these patterns are designed with a garter stitch design on a stockinette background and are 37 stitches across and 55 rows tall.  They would be wonderful for a music lover stitched together in an afghan, or gifted as a set of dishcloths.

I hope you enjoy these new patterns and I hope to have more musical patterns added soon!

2 thoughts on “New Patterns – Finally!”

  1. Aileen Steigerwalt

    hi, i am looking for free patterns on the ripple stitches for the afghans. i have a book but it is for crocheting.i need them in knitting.

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