Not a fall pattern

Challenge Day 3

For today, I\’ve added a pattern that has nothing to do with Autumn or the month or an upcoming holiday.  It\’s just a cute Kangaroo.


And he\’s pretty darn cute if I do say so!  This Kangaroo pattern is available for purchase on the New page for $1.49.

I do have a few cloths planned that are good for September and the beginning of school — I know, they are quite late.  I have some more fall themed cloths coming, as well as some that will be nice for Thanksgiving.  And I do have a couple that will be nice for Christmas.  I also have a whole pile of cloths that don\’t fit any sort of seasonal theme and I will just throw them in willy-nilly.

Thank you so much to all my cheerleaders!  I just love checking my email and seeing that someone has left me a new comment on the blog.  I\’ve been typing and knitting as quickly as I can because I don\’t want to let you all down!  And I think that is what is going to make this challenge a success.  I know that when it comes time, I\’m just going to hate saying that I can\’t do it any more.  Hopefully it will have been a good run.

8 thoughts on “Not a fall pattern”

  1. hi, Emily
    another nice pattern you done
    you are keeping up very well with your promise of doing them daily.
    three cheers for you again

  2. Very cute not a fall pattern – you are working full steam to keep us busy and then to offer us more patterns – as usual very nice.

    don’t stop – we are all looking ahead to you keeping us busy.

    mary ann

  3. I’ll have to do this one for my niece in Australia – I’m making her a blanket out of the double worsted cotton, and this would be a perfect square!

  4. HI Emily,

    Your kangaroo is just too cute. Happy to see you are keeping up with your challenge. KEEP UP WITH IT> I KNOW you can do it.


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