Now I know I promised I'd write…

But I just had to take a little break after the Challenge.  On top of all that, it took me about most the week last week to get my head under control. You all are so nice to ask about my headaches.  I\’ve finally gotten them back under control and I hope they stay that way.  I\’ve learned my lesson and I will not convince my doctor that I will be fine on a lower dose.  Really.  What was I thinking?

I\’ve been working on designing one of my new projects and I\’ve set my test knitters loose on the thing.  They are excited about it. But thank goodness for lots of testers because we\’re still working out some of the important details like needle size, gauge and how much yarn.  It\’s definitely different than a dishcloth so I\’m not sure on some of those details.  Don\’t expect to see it for a while yet though.  I\’ve given them until after the holidays because it\’s a bit bigger than a dishcloth and I know that we are entering into the craziest time of year!

I also need to get busy on designing a free pattern for December.  The 24th is rapidly approaching and the KAL will begin.  It would help if I had an idea!!  Don\’t worry, I\’ll think of something. 

2 thoughts on “Now I know I promised I'd write…”

  1. oops….corrected my email address. Don’t know how that happened. Love your designs, and love YOU too. Cala

  2. glad to hear your headaches are better and the medication is working. also glad to hear that you are back to creating.

    have a nice thanksgiving and looking forward to your december design.

    mary ann

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