Oh my goodness….3 months!

I can\’t believe it\’s been three months since I last posted. Please forgive any weird typos in this post. Within the last couple of days, my keyboard has started acting funky and it skips all sorts of letters. I try to catch them all, but it\’s hard!

I\’ve been in a terrific knitting slump this summer. I don\’t know what it is about the summertime and knitting. For me, they just don\’t go together. But I did manage to design and knit two patterns in late June/early July while on vacation. And then I designed a whole bunch more and thanks to a great group of test knitters they all got knitted.
Here are two new free patterns for you:
This is a Sun Dishcloth:


[download id=\”8\”]


And this is a Star Dishcloth:


[download id=\”7\”]


Just click on the pictures or the links to get the patterns. I hope you enjoy!!
If you\’re interested in looking at my other new patterns, please visit my pattern page: Designs by Emily.
I\’m definitely looking forward to fall to get back to some serious knitting! How about you? Any knitting slumps out there?

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