Oooh I can hardly move!

Challenge Day 5

The reason I\’m posting so late is I went hiking with my husband today.  For over six hours!  We hiked up and down and all over an area nearby called Ragged Mountain, although calling it a mountain is probably stretching it since it\’s only about 700 ft at its highest.  We do a fun thing called Geocaching, where you use a GPS to follow your way to coordinates where someone has hidden a cache.  It\’s a lot of fun and my hubby will often will go with the boys, but today he took the day off from work and the two of us went out.  But, boy oh boy, am I sore now!

The pattern I just added to the site is another one that I think is unique.  It\’s a globe on a stand.  It\’s one of my Back-to-School cloths that I designed over a year ago that I never got around to typing up and test knitting. Here is a picture:


It would be great for a teacher or anyone who is into geography.  The pattern is available for purchase on the New page of the website for $1.49.

Also, we will be starting a KAL tomorrow.  I had meant to start it today, but with all this Challenge craziness, I had forgotten.  If you are a part of my KAL Yahoo Group, I sent out an email about that last night.  I will be sending out daily emails with 9 rows of a pattern each day for 6 days. I will also post the rows here on the blog for those who don\’t want to sign up for the Yahoo Group.  If you are interested in knitting along with us, here are the details for this KAL:

Yarn: 100% Cotton Dishcloth Yarn (like Peaches \’n Cream or Sugar \’n Cream)
Needles: Size US 7 (or smaller if you knit loosely and you want the design to pop)
Color: Red, Yellow, Brown, Green, Gold, Orange (I used Red)
Theme Hint: Autumn
Start Date: Saturday, October 25th

I am absolutely exhausted from today\’s hike so if I\’ve forgotten any details, or if I\’ve messed up something while adding the pattern to the website, I apologize.  Please let me know and I will fix it!

7 thoughts on “Oooh I can hardly move!”

  1. This would be a great dishcloth to give to a teacher. Keep on designing, you are doing a great job.


  2. great pattern – would make a good cloth for a history, social studies, teacher.

    glad you enjoyed your hike – when we camped we hiked a lot – it is fun.

    mary ann

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