Poncho update.

While in Virginia for the last week I had quite a bit of time to knit. The back and front of my Fur-Trimmed Poncho are finished, and I\’m now working on the \”fur-trimmed\” part. I just need to knit strips using fun fur yarn and then sew them to the sides of the poncho. That should go fairly quickly. Once that\’s done, sew the shoulder seams and then pick up stitches for the hood. The end is in sight! Of course I did make it in fall colors and spring is definitely here. I may only wear it a couple of times before putting it away for next fall.

Here is the front of the poncho. That mess to the right is where I have started the strip of fur trim.


And here is the back of the poncho.


I\’m hoping to have it finished by the end of the weekend. Of course, now that I\’m back to my real life and I\’m way behind in schoolwork, I may not get to knit as much as I hope.

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