Posting before noon!

Challenge Day 18

If I type fast, I just might squeeze this post in before noon, which will be a major accomplishment given that I\’ve been posting near 11:00 pm the last several nights.

Here\’s a picture of the pattern I just added to the website:


It\’s a Christmas Stocking and the cloth that I was referring to in yesterday\’s post.  It\’s the last Holiday themed pattern that I have for now, although it\’s always possible that I can design more.  Right now I have a bunch of just regular patterns planned; they don\’t go along with any sort of holiday or seasonal theme.  I\’m hoping to get a couple of them knitted up today so I can get back to having several patterns in reserve.  This working day-to-day is a little stressful!  As always, the Christmas Stocking pattern is available for purchase for $1.49 and can be found on the \”New\” page.

6 thoughts on “Posting before noon!”

  1. Another cute pattern – you are definitely on a roll 🙂 Congrats and cheers from Noreen in Canada.

  2. Great job – Christmas is my favorite time of the year so I always enjoy looking and finding Christmas theme items.

    Keep up the good work – we all look forward to your posts.

    Mary Ann

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