Quick little update.

I\’ve been naughty. No blog entries in many days. But I have been knitting! I\’ve got the back finished for my Fur-Trimmed Poncho, and I\’m a few inches in on the front.

Last night no knitting because I tried a new fabulous product for my hardwood floors. It\’s a Hardwood Floor Refinisher by Orange Glo. I can\’t rave about it enough! My kitchen floor is the worst of my floors (most of my main level is hardwood but the other rooms, hallway and stairs are fine). It should be sanded and restained in some places, but it\’s not quite bad enough for me to willingly go through all that dust, inconvenience and mess! After two coats of this stuff, my kitchen floor is nice and shiny again! I\’m so psyched. Yes, the wood is still a bit grey in patches near the dishwasher where there was an unfortunate leak with the previous owners, but at least it\’s sealed up and shiny for now. I can\’t wait to do the rest of the floors to bring back the shine everywhere!

I also didn\’t knit too much over the weekend because I have to admit that I am a closet Runescape addict. I\’ve been playing since July 2003. Since the school year started I\’ve really not played as much as I used to, but I was on a bunch this weekend. Yes, I am a role-playing computer geek. Anyone else?

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