Quick update on the knitting front…

I took a couple of days off from knitting last week…I just was feeling a bit blah. But now I\’m back to knitting like crazy.

I\’ve gotten two more dishcloths done and the patterns written up. I\’m working on a third with two more to knit after that. Once they\’re all done, I\’ll be adding the patterns to Designs by Emily. I\’m aiming for Friday to have it all done, but don\’t hold me to it.

Don\’t forget to vote for the free pattern of the month! It\’s a tight race between Pot O\’Gold and Out Like a Lamb. Just to give you a hint of what they look like, Pot o\’Gold is a garter stitch design with rays from shimmering gold shooting out of the pot. It\’s quick and easy to knit. (It\’s also my favorite of the two.) Out Like a Lamb is a very cute sheep/lamb. The view is looking directly at his face with his ears sticking out and his fluffy wool poofed out. It is done in a reverse stockinette and requires blocking for the design to show up the best. It\’s a little more tricky and you need to pay attention to the pattern.

As soon as I can, I\’ll post pictures of those two new cloths to show you what will soon be on Designs by Emily.

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