Relay for Life

I haven\’t been blogging lately…or knitting….or crocheting. We\’ve been very busy getting busy for this weekend\’s Relay for Life. A. and I head up our own team and we\’re committee members as well. It\’s our way of \”paying it forward\” for all the support we had in 2002 when Allan was treated for testicular cancer.

This is the Website that A. maintains for our local Relay. And here is the official American Cancer Society website for our Relay. If anyone feels compelled to make a donation to our Relay you can do so through the ACS webpage. If you wish for my team or me to get credit for it, search for my name (**Edited out….too many people Googling my name for some reason***). Thanks!! **Shameless Fundraising Plug Ended**

I\’m also going completely crazy at school with testing, testing and more testing. But we\’re almost done. Only two more weeks. I just have to do report cards, Cumulative Folders, pack my room, plan the end of the year party…… ACK! I can\’t think about it!

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