Shrug update

Well, it was one crazy week last week.  I managed to finish the shrug and it turned out beautifully!  That was after frantically ripping out and reknitting several times because I kept making mistakes while trying to knit so fast.  Then the clincher was on Friday morning, about an hour after I finished sewing up the sleeve seams and about 2 minutes before I had to leave to work, my adorable 19 month old decided to help me out.  I heard him say, \”Mama, Mama,\” and I looked over to see him holding my coffee cup by the edge of the lid and toddling over to me.  I reached out and just as I touched the cup, the lid let go and coffee flies all over my new white shrug.  Fifteen minutes later, I\’ve used quite a bit of oxyclean and managed to get all the coffee out.  I tossed it in the dryer, dashed off to work and later that evening got lots of compliments on the outfit, complete with shrug.

Currently, I\’m working on some dishcloths to get caught up with the KALs in the Monthly Dishcloth KAL Challenge.  I\’ve only done the January cloths, and I\’ve almost finished the first February one.  I figure by the weekend I should be all caught up.

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