Stash Problems.

Apparently I have a stash problem. This is the current state of affairs:

I can\’t find anything. This is why my formerly neatly organized system is now creeping out of the corner. I keep pulling boxes out to find stuff and leave them everywhere. I think I need to do something about it. (Yes, that is a crib peeking out in the edge of the picture. This is our spare room where we have dumped all the baby stuff after Timmy stopped using it. There is no small child around all the dangerous yarn and needles.)

While I\’m at it, I\’m also going to finally get around to locating all my unfinished projects I have hanging around. I\’m almost afraid to tally them all up. But I\’m inspired by another blog I was reading (of course I can\’t remember which one right now! **Edit** Found it! It\’s Sandy.) where she is ruthlessly deciding to keep or frog all her UFO\’s. I think that is a dandy idea and will be shamelessly copying it.

In other notes, I am Betty Grable. If only I really had legs like that!

You\’re Betty Grable!

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A cat update:
Tasha continues to improve every day. It\’s amazing how well she is compared to Sunday. It looks as though she will pull through this scare. But we are going to be changing the food we feed her to a low phosphorous, low protein, low sodium type to reduce the strain on her remaining kidney. And we are investing in a water fountain type of water bowl since she has always preferred to drink running water and we need to encourage as much water intake as possible.

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