Surprise coming along on June 1st

I\’ve been knitting like crazy for the last several days. I\’ve knit 10 new cloths in about 4 days. My fingers are tired!

But I know that you are going to love the new designs! And I have a great surprise for you. One of the new cloths will be added as the Free Pattern of the Month.

I\’m so excited to revive my tradition of giving away a new pattern each month. I know that I\’m probably setting myself up for a bit of craziness announcing it out like this, but I love being able to have the Free Pattern of the Month.

For this month, I\’m just going to post it on June 1st. Believe it or not, the pattern is actually already written and typed, tested and blocked; I just have to photograph it. I\’m just going to tease you about it for these couple of days. But my goal is to get back into doing the monthly KALs that I once did to launch the free patterns. We\’ll see if I actually make it that far. It\’s always an adventure around here!

Check back in a couple of days to find out what the free pattern will be. I think you\’ll like the picture. He\’s just a cute little guy going along on his way. No more hints though…you\’ll have to wait to find out!

8 thoughts on “Surprise coming along on June 1st”

  1. I love your patterns. My knitting group has been busy doing squares for baby blankets for members. There was an epidemic of pregnancies. And now we are also doing a smaller blanket for a member’s dog since that member has been the organizer of all the blankets!

    You music patterns have inspired me to make an music afghan for myself. I have played piano and trumpet, but now I also play cello. Is there any plans to do a cello design? That would top it off for me!!

    Thank you!!

  2. Hi Linda, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my patterns! I’ll be adding more music patterns today. I do have a cello planned but I’m still working on it. I hope you enjoy the new patterns!

  3. Hopefully you will have the cello by the time I finish the baby blanket squares and the sweater!! I have multiple projects going!! Great new patterns, too!!

    1. does anyone know if these are 9 by 9 inches as i am knitting all the free ones as i am making a doulble bed size blanket/throw with all the knitting patterns and does anyone know if they will be free also does anyone know where i can get any more 9 by 9 inches squares free patterns as i dont want my blanket/throw to have any design the same i want each square to be diffrent so i need loads and loads of designs and there are only 21 one the free page.thanks to everyone who can help me.or any tips on making them 9 by inches will come in handy as i am a new kniited only been knitting for 2 months and this blanket/throw is my first project which my 2 year old son cant wait to have it finished

  4. I am having a great time looking a your web-site. have brought alot and printed more free ones can’t wait to see the new ones. how can I get the music ones.? As my grand daughter has a music teacher from elemertary school that really likes her. So i was thinking about making a afghan for her.

  5. will this one be free do you have anymore of your 9 by 9 inche squares as i need loads as i am making a blanket/throw for my 2 year old son and i dont have alot of money so i only ever use the free ones ansd this is the site i am using its the best site by far and i want each square on my throw to be diffrent so was woundering how many free 9 by 9 inch squares that you have.

  6. Aileen Steigerwalt

    thanks for the infro i went and brought them so now i have alot of patterns for the teachers afghan.

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