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Challenge yarn

This could be it…

Challenge Day…. on hold Well, this could be it.  I don’t have a cloth ready.  It’s 8:30 at night and I don’t have one knitted, or even half knitted.  It is cast on with two rows done though. I really don’t want to stop the challenge!!  But I don’t think I can keep up. I really …

Challenge yarn

Three weeks done!

Challenge Day 21 Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my headaches.  I’ve had migraines since childhood, I believe, but they weren’t diagnosed until I was in college.  I take a couple of medications for a couple of things with my head and recently I suggested to my doctor that maybe I could try …

Challenge yarn

Posting before noon!

Challenge Day 18 If I type fast, I just might squeeze this post in before noon, which will be a major accomplishment given that I’ve been posting near 11:00 pm the last several nights. Here’s a picture of the pattern I just added to the website: It’s a Christmas Stocking and the cloth that I …

Challenge yarn

Catching up….

Challenge Day 17 I’ve been knitting whenever I can and I managed to get about a cloth and a half knit today.  So I have a new one to add for today, one all set for tomorrow and I’m halfway finished knitting another cloth.  I’ve got a little breathing room for a couple of days …

Challenge yarn


Challenge Day 16 After a wild day of trying to knit while having all three boys home, I’ve managed to get two cloths ready.  So at least I have a little breathing room going into tomorrow.  And as soon as I’ve posted this, I’ll be knitting as fast as I can for the rest of …

Challenge yarn

I almost forgot!

Challenge Day 14 I completely almost forgot to add a pattern today!  I’ve had a really busy day running errands and I nearly forgot to add a pattern before I went to bed. So quickly, here is the newest pattern: It’s an octopus, to go along with the Whale and the Seahorse from the last …

Challenge yarn

Day 13

Challenge Day 13 Just a quick post tonight.  I’ve had a migraine most of today and so I’m not feeling so hot. This is the pattern that I’m really pleased with.  It’s an acorn, but what is different about it is that I’ve used both garter stitch and seed stitch in the design.  I think …

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