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Challenge yarn

An apple from a teacher

Challenge Day 10 Today’s new cloth is an apple.  It’s not something unique.  Most designers out there have some type of apple design, and I’ve had this one planned since last year (last fall was a bad time for designing for me…..lots of cloths started and none finished).  Since I’m a teacher I figured it’s …

Challenge yarn

A Happy Post

Challenge Day 9 I’m in a pretty happy mood today.  The cloth that I’m currently test knitting is coming out very well.  It’s looking even better than I had imagined it.  I’m trying something a little bit different with this cloth and I’m really pleased.  I’ll post it in a couple of days. Since I’m …

Challenge yarn

And I start Week Two

Challenge Day 8 I’ve made it through one complete week of this challenge and I’m very proud of myself. I’m settling in very nicely to a routine of posting every afternoon while my son naps and knitting for the remainder of his naptime and during the evening while I watch T.V. Today however, I think …

Challenge yarn

A cookie pattern

Challenge Day 7 I made it through the week!  And I’ve been knitting all afternoon so I’m pretty sure I’ll have no problem making it through this next week as well. Today’s pattern I’ve been sitting on for almost a year, believe it or not.  Last year when I designed the Gingerbread Man, I got …

Challenge yarn

Almost done with Week 1!

Challenge Day 6 I’ve managed to make it through 6 days of my challenge and I definitely can make it through a few more. My pile of patterns is dwindling down, but if I knit like crazy this weekend, I can get it back up again.  I have a whole bunch of typed up patterns that …

Challenge yarn

Oooh I can hardly move!

Challenge Day 5 The reason I’m posting so late is I went hiking with my husband today.  For over six hours!  We hiked up and down and all over an area nearby called Ragged Mountain, although calling it a mountain is probably stretching it since it’s only about 700 ft at its highest.  We do …

Challenge yarn

A quick post

Challenge Day 4 I only have a few minutes to post today.  I think my two year old will be waking up soon from his nap.  I’ve been scanning in the cloths that I’ve knit over the last two days and adding the pictures to the patterns and some general website stuff and now I’m …

Challenge yarn

Not a fall pattern

Challenge Day 3 For today, I’ve added a pattern that has nothing to do with Autumn or the month or an upcoming holiday.  It’s just a cute Kangaroo. And he’s pretty darn cute if I do say so!  This Kangaroo pattern is available for purchase on the New page for $1.49. I do have a few cloths …

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