Tasha is sick.

My Tashsa is sick. She\’s really sick. I took her to the vet today because I knew that something was really wrong with her. She hasn\’t been eating or drinking and she\’s been sleeping all the time. And even though she\’s a thin cat to begin with, she\’s been looking very scrawny the last few days. He wanted to keep her today to run some (expensive) tests.

The vet called about an hour ago. She\’s in renal failure. She was like this one other time when she was three years old and managed to pull through. Even more miraculously she regained some kidney function and we were able to stop giving her medication and feeding her a special diet. She\’s been normal ever since.

But this time she\’s nearly 11. Her left kidney is non-existant now and her right kidney is large and inflamed. And they can\’t get her to produce any urine. He said that they will push the fluids and antibiotics and will know more tomorrow. One good (?) sign is that her white blood count is high, which means she\’s fighting an infection of some sort, which means he\’s hopeful she\’ll respond to the antibiotic. We\’ll just have to see in the next day or so what happens.

I\’m so upset! Here\’s what my sweetie looks like with her \”sister\” Simba:


Tasha is the light colored cat on the right. Isn\’t she beautiful? Here\’s another picture:


I think she loved that boppy more than I did! I put it away after finishing nursing each of the boys, but if she gets better I may drag it out to pamper her a bit.

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