The stash is done!

I have finally finished organizing, cleaning, and cataloging my stash.

But first I found one more project:

Project #10:


A little pink thread crochet drawstring bag. Well, it\’s not quite a bag yet, just the bottom. It\’s about 3 1/2 inches in diameter. A few years ago, I had made several of these in different diameters and different lengths to help carry my makeup when I went traveling. I put things like eyeliner and mascara and lipliner in them. Then I decided a slightly larger one would be great for the liquid makeup and concealer, etc. Never finished it. I probably should, as I use the others and like them. It\’s a nice little mindless project to work on while watching T.V. so I\’m keeping to finish at one point in the undetermined future.

And that\’s it!! So here are some pictures of my stash. But first a reminder of how it used to look:


And (drumroll please…) here\’s what it looks like now:


I\’m so very happy! All the boxes are neatly re-labeled and organized. To the left is all my non-knitting and crocheting crafty stuff. To the right are all knitting and crocheting books and patterns, needles, hooks, and all the yarn that I\’m keeping but haven\’t designated a project for. And the middle part:


is my favorite! This is where I have bagged all my current and immediate future projects. They are all within easy reach, the patterns are in the bags with the yarn, and everything is neatly labeled. My current projects are no longer trying to take over my living room! I am so pleased that I undertook this project. Now I just have to finish up some of my knitting projects!

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